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Now in this case there was absolutely no doubt that
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parts supplied by one nerve or branch of a nerve, with special pre-
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course, has no longer any weight, and, on the other hand,
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latter method being, in my judgment, the most efficient one), remains as
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but the appetite gradually failed until February .25th, when there was a
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and manner of the author's treatment of this subject.
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morit virtilent type along the pilgrim routes through Kumaun
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when sick, are treated by means of indigenous medi-
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patient had appearances on her body which indicated syphilis.
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It has been shown that 60 suffered from this disease ; of the entire
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faith in punishment as such, but believe in correctional
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simply functional ; a sort of repeated renal congestion. This would be always
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that at a regular hour, every afternoon, she suffered
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The one thing that the advocates of the improved operation most
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fibrous than in areolar tissue, and most of all in osseous.
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gurgitation in which it answers best, are those due to traumatic rupture of a
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then deal with the scheme now proposed. Accordingly,
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available in India is very small ; yet to-day the drug
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then supposed to be some form of degenerative liver of
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four days, though it can be done oftener without any ill-
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constant difference averaging 1.57 cm. In flat generally contracted
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in Dacca Jailin 1892 sufficiently illustrate the oft-recur-
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Another point which was left undetermined by the lly-
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history of one of the cases of dissecting aneurisms was like that of the
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turbance are either absent, less intense, or develop later. He reports the five
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of arsenical poisoning, but the cause of death was not ascertain-
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occurred on the second and third days after the treatment
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is removed, on the contrary, a firm cicatrix is formed, which frequently does
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Slst. The irregular fever has persisted and the presence of pus was
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regarding poisons at present in force were published in February
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India, and prevails, and is specially localised, in certain

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