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of tags of iris remedied by a careful "toilet." On the
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heterodox, that union by second intention was preferable in
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to be distinctly larger. The true and false vocal chords, d and d', seem
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charge of lymph, which found exit at the bottom of the
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in-patients only males over 12 years of age, and no
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It could then be freed from within outward, by general traction, manipula-
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both poles be introduced as they ought to be. The body is as good a con-
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woriris extruding from the buttock of a man, but usually
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parts of an individual, are most readily invaded by
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(1) . AshtOcnqa-hridya.- — A digest prepared bv Vaha-
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trees in the Andes gradually began to disappear, the
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though they are perfectly aware of the comparatiy©
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Statement No, " C." shows that the average capacity of the
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MetJiod. — This method requires several distinct steps,
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no cause whatever to account for this result. The centre
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getable poisons has not arisen. But even should the
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in his Medical Topography of Ceylon, published in 1821, mentions
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described in medical books. Since that time the medical
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convulsive seizures, and shortly after died in one of them. It was stated that
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recovery followed. Also, an abdominal pregnancy without sac, in which the
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of his own profession, that it is not wonderful that men
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to be the medium ; then why not milk ? Professor Brown says it
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conclusion holds that European physicians must have
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used were beer, wine, and brandy, these being taken in considerable quanti-
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The extent to which this is true is best shown in tabular form. Here,
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Proposed Keformation of Prison Treatment ... ...463
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responding articular areas on the upper surface of the
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which was raised by the deposit of rubbish, and after
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feature of the disease in a certain proportion of the
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(1) The degree of protection which qvarantine can afford
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Complications were more frequent among the thirteen
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of bromide of potash dissolved in IJ ounces of water into the
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pain, the uterus contracts, and the hemorrhage ceases. This simple procedure
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which possess irritant active principles. Thus plumbago
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waters of the Jumna and Granges, of wells, pools, bath-
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(B. lactis erythrogenes) . Moreover various pathogenic
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of the casing does 7iot materially diminish the destruc-
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The heart theorists did not accept the clinical statistics
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earlier ones have one and all died of it. The enlarge-
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had filarige in his blood. He had suffered from a few

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