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deal with, and this at once brings us to the discussion

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marched to a different barrack, making no complaint of

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in character. It does not appear to be true, as stated by

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This invert-sugar is laevo-rotatory. To judge from the expe-

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parenchymatous degeneration of the kidney, with opacity of the tissues

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the upper lobe being in a state of grey hepatization

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obstruct the free escape of discharge from the middle ear, as the powder

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the nervous centres or their branches. The series of cases produced by

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dage of eight ells long, and in their Field Hospital

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balanced, revenges itself for the disorder of its dominant

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thetic vomiting with good results. Has also been used

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recent text-book, it having been relegated to the heroic procedures of

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free ; there appears to be a dislocation of the second phalanx to the

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sclerotic junction and deliver the lens by pressure. I

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the fluid had reaccumulated and the heart beat was again visible to the

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rience, the albuminuria usually occurs in the first week of the disease, and is

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result " of an almost total immunity from cholera at

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calcic oxalate and uric acid in solution, and anything

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English girl, born and bred in Calcutta, menstruates a year

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have stated, and notwithstanding their imperfect character in many

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hybrid terra " ovaritis." Chapters XXVI. and XXVII. treat of neo-

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all, eight deaths in two families occurred here from

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it would appear, considered precipitation of nric acid to be

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R. D. Murray (Chittagong) congratulated Dr. Gallay on the

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I desire now to direct attention to the tabulated statement of the

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Department, I have had the opportunity of continuing

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report, and in only three other instances (all of them

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last. A Mahomedan lad who had filaria3 in his blood,

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continued fever, such as typhus or enteric, to exclude

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see them made oneself, otherwise the coolie invariably

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for it at the end of the season, and in default that the

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ocular muscles may suffer and the nuclei of the internal escape, and

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