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be used as a purgative, but more particularly as an
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tractor the Municipal Commissioners undertake to pay
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II. I may, I think, also instance the entire protection
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indulgence as the addiction to the excessive use of
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possible, as far as human foresight and provision can
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This, he thinks, goes to prove that the kidneys are not affected by etherization.
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inch, often less). "The opening through the roof of the canal is a mere
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after the cessation of the outbreak the cholera microbe
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sea. The amount in the effluent from the Black Town
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(a) The natm'e of the cataract. If fluid or cortical,
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Es. 800 granted by the District Board on this occasion,
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and of this solution twenty minims were employed re-
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has not yet received a place in medical literature.
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portion. They frequently present well-marked physical
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slight depression, pain in limbs and sometimes fever and
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through a small ring, from below upward, the pressure upon the inclined sur-
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and dyspnoea. Quinine, arsenic, and digitalis effected a cure.
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ing among themselves, particularly if the disease be
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' See Adamkiewitz : Trans. International Med. Cong., London, pp. 1-3, 1881.
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pin, and left at the lower angle of the abdominal wound. The only trouble-
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is still one possible source of impurity in the water-
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the same disease, which has existed in all probability
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placed in cases of hemorrhage due to intra-mural {not pedunculated) fibroids,
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suddenly occurs, as in the case of the Italian soldier who ran amuck in
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fright or the excitement being sometimes followed by a train of nervous
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and he tells us Dr. AVethered of London, physician I
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experience of its use in all sorts of mental disease, acute and chronic,
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colitis; parenchymatous degeneration of kidney; commencing broncho-
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