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spine, or even laceration of the muscles may occur, yet, as a rule, the
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to leave the locality of the murder ; the robbei-, on the
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swelling immediately set in. No ligature was applied.
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counsel non-interference, viz., that in a country where deadly
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Of the 93 cases mentioned, there are 47 cases in which some notes
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I need not tell you, gentlemen, that a branch of the
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it is highly important that Government should be able
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environment secured by the application of the principles of sanitary
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an area of a square inch. Under dressings of carbolic oil, the
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fails to point out the necessity of analysis in all cases,
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the general practice of Gujars deliberately grazing
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it not been usual to inquire into the cause of every
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and hope that it will aid the more regular exertions
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existence of an enlarged spleen as evidence of the ill-
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disease occurred among a people icith a general water-
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as high as 105°. On the third day the articulation of the
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8 Jl. Nervous and Mental Disease, May. 1888, p. 317.
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from Senator's paper.^ Several autopsies have been made in cases of
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lies, not in the application of these tests, but in their
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when it broke out at Pali, a town of Marwar, whence
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appears to be that the high vascular tension, telling upon the
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from the distillation of coal-tar oil, and commonly called " commercial
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the advantaoes of the system recommended. For eight years
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we touch the true cause of precocious menstruation.
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lions, and the washing was resumed. At the couclusiou of the
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were the case however we should have found that the
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of the wells had been completed. Considering that the
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of each papule acquires a yellow tint, and it slowly

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