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ature of his subject, especially that of recent date. The work is pro-
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The head having been shaved and cleansed thoroughly, the
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I now come to the consideration of substances which
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with individual regiments had been less. As a rule,
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army of Great Britain, they fought and gained a bril-
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slept in the same room. The ftetus was thrown into a canal, where it was
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mucus, but otherwise appeared to be healthy urine. The discharge of
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hospital with diarrhoea. Measles developed, running a severe course
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required for speech was greater than it should be ; it was noticed that
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Introduced into the mucous membranes of rabbits, guinea-pigs, chickens,
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In India, the majority of Hindoos will not kill a snake
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exorbitant demands made for the required laud. There
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as time passes the placenta is probably shrivelling, and all the parts becom-
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state that they found the Klebs Loeffler bacilli in all. The record of their
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sultation, on the evening of the 8th of November for the first time. His
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we should all be bound to prevent saliva, excrement,
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might not be considered out of the service. There are a
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ing district or land." " There can be no doubt as to
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case of sunstroke, when the temperature went to lOQ^F., with
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to show that the cleaning power of a soil is moi'e close-
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fied medical man, resident of Calcutta, some years ago
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gurgitation in which it answers best, are those due to traumatic rupture of a
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1 Stnrge : Brit. Med. Journal, i. p. 851, 1881 ; Thomas: lb., i. p 763, 1882.
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breathing, it may be said to stand by itself, in that
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poisoner takes a painted stick about a foot and a half in
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alone, and 97 per cent, under wheat, barley and millets
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amounted to 20, with 15 recoveries ; of the 5 fatal cases, 4 died from vomiting,
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throat, accompanied by some salivation. Others suc-
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for by what we know of the life history of Koch's bacilhis,
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My second case was that of a male child, aged about
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destroying the vascular walls; and that coagulation of the blood is a matter
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to excise. Another was yet more unfortunate. In a child, six years
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one of the fatal cases it was found that the recurrent nerve had been partially
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hud been set apart for operations. In this tent were
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relieved by means of safety-pins of a peculiar shape, which are inserted ex-
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