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the cases have fallen under my observation within a period of eighteen

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which may give very decided indications of the presence

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care of a corporal or private of the bearer company.

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study, finds that tuberculosis is frequent among habitual consumers of alcohol

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cup of milk or water. This bread, also, must be mixed with a spoon, as to

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costl}^ in the interests of vaccination. It would be

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tion, and dissection ; and after division of the adhesions to the saphenous

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certain, and is likely to be very considerable; from 16 cm. to 18 cm.

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daily in this way. Since doing this no case of suppura-

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of remedies, including antirheumatic medicines, had been

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under cocaine anaesthesia, having used ether in only three of his last forty

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Punjab, will give further information on this point : —

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may occur during the puerperal state, being most liable

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There are now 15 public and 583 private piicca latrines, and

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from the base of the brain to the cavernous sinus, or in the walls of that

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cially in the season which extends from May to Septem-

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than the expiratory. Foster confirms this and gives an

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the estimation of Europe. I need not detain you with

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water contained on an average 50 microbes per cubic

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that Mr. Ellis, the Physician General, had been pro-

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138 were attacked with cholera, of whom 92 died ; the

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exposure, syphilis or other causes, but as the cases became

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imminent." " Solitary glands and Peyer's patches of

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would also become more easily effectual if, as a preliminary procedure, the

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considered an effective treatment — Duhresen's by free incision of

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district, a large proportion of the inhabitants are

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for studying and describing the graver forms of malarial fever, but he

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to prove the utility of peiTQanganate in cholera epi-

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this can best be done, I will venture to discuss two

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nature, substance or quality of the article demanded

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the Cinchona Calisai/a, or yellow bark, trees which,

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