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Drs. Gray and De Eenzy in the Punjaub, commenced by

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necessary, the above points should be carefully attend-

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of cases no dates are given. In a report on cholera

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simply functional ; a sort of repeated renal congestion. This would be always

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backwards and rolled a helpless mass down the hill, some

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cortex, so in a few instances of progressive ophthalmoplegia that have

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shown, and no disturbance in the general condition of the child was observed.

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^rtsA. — In nine out of the fifty-three cases I have

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often becomes to decide the question of sanity or insanity

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on account of the mere fracture, i.e., on account of the

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9-inch drain pipes joined together and cemented so as

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numbers due to violence and due to poisons could be

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of winter by a warm atmosphere ; that he spends nine

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not half-crossed by noon, it would be better, in cases

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plete resection would have almost certainly saved the child's life.

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women are about equally susceptible to hypnotism. Although so much has \

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changed, personal cleanliness attended to, and thorough

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no very great influence is shewn by the fact that it is

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animal lymph used in the Punjab and Berar is fresh,

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leucocyptes is diminished, and their ranks are thereby

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of an essential, but it is more easily attained. Its wedge shape causes a

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first made, aud that these were manipulated in the usual way for the

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ally upon the legs, arms, nates and neighbourhood of

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account. One other objection would be that there would

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or less fever, and pain all over the body, especially in

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('). Hesling, Virchow's Archive; Army Medical Report, Hygiene:

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velops the same principles of prevention in relation to the several

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do little more than suggest that it might be used, or

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most striking. They are ill developed, "stumpy," fur-

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less powerful remedy in diabetes than either of the other drugs, and to con-

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dominis on the second day of the disease. The contrac-

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two of which sinuses developed, leading to openings in the cortex. In ten

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