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ascites, cranial effusion. In some cases traces of old

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Victoria, Australia, who claims originality in its use ;

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may, in consequence, be considered rather as potential

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it was asserted, being only a defaced state of develop-

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escapes consequent on a method of treatment commonly

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about the condition of the throat. In February 1890, while at

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from dyspepsia and general ill-health. This condition of

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of the abdomen, in the right anterior axillary line,

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believed to be contagious, and had a very high rate of

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(Dr. McLeod) takes it to be essentiallj^ fi kind of

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had nearly disappeared at the time the case was reported.

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She was put upon a water bed and the bedsores poulticed, and was

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with that of the simultaneous lung-disease. Dr. Blake suggested, may be due

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the inflammntion which must precede it. There is no

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If after opening the abdomen a number of small tumors are found, supra-

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in complicated surgical operations, to enable the physi-

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which they are understood by modern European writers.

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tic used was corrosive sublimate, strength 1 in 4,00U.

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com[)letely satisfactory cv^ndition. In two at least of

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geon Major Macrae, with report by Drs. Haffkine and Simpson—

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importance to an important expedition, as ours were.

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the individual germs, is no certain index of the fitness

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tlie ability of licensed and private vaccinators in this

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carriages, in which are three hundred beds, complete

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delivery. These axillary lumps are limited to the hair-covered region,

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thus far carried it on with the signal ability and energy which many

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The uterus is globular, tense and projecting, and the

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child by vaccinating it. I remember discussing with

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Martin had seen two cases, in the first of which rupture of the symphysis

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develop, and that, therefore, it is not so accurate as the

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