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stances of fracture of the skull, probably at birth, with inflammation and
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required for this purpose should be dug out from the
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perihepatitis, dysentery, catarrh of the bile dticts, &c.
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polluted with malarial poison, must be attributed the
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this book may be recommended as greatly superior to all others ; but
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valescence is abnormal. The fact that a patient is predisposed to a certain
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moral right to inflict cruelty for his own advantage.
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oases. He s lys : " In a very large number of my cases
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The shortest external conjugate in which the tru^ conjugate is not
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another, before the surgeon can decide upon the appropriate operation.
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make a thorough examination in every case before introducing the post-
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The post-febrile and puerperal insanities constitute a mixed type
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tions Dr. Engelmann places upon uterine reflexes ; we quote :
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destroyed through the pipes getting blocked by white
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not yield to quinine by the mouth. When quinine was given
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rapidly and with much less chloroform than in the open
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lessening the danger of relapse and the risk of infection to other individuals.
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compression. He related the case of a child, aet. 6, who had
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small arms — have afforded greatly less percentages of
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individual than heretofore. We are aware that the pro-
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two doses of a twelfth of a grain each at intervals of
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As regards night-sweats at the first stage, 8 cases were cured ; 4 im-
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tubercle is seen on the outer side of the hand near the wrist.
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appear at certain intervals — monthly, fortnightly, or
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Galago has two pair of pectoral teats. The Aye-Aye ( Cheiromys) pos-
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time than is necessary to the discovery and the destruc-
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columna from the upper lip ; but it has not proved so
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between the piston and the nozzle. I then fit on the
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blood " as Romberg asserts, are often much relieved or
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more of the people of i his rich and fertile province are
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becoming the nursery for these germs, and to this all
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betes as shown in the accompanying table (Table 4) : —
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shall see that we mean by malaria, a poison which is not
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the former, as it would guide me to the position of the

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