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these extra duties are so important that the employ-

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which, as tested from 6 cases when inoculated into a wounded mucous

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derived from chemical or bacteriological examination could he

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place in the criminal prison at Singapur in the year 1875,

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implies that the fever of that type has been caused in a

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cause much harm by the exaggerated language in which

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artificial respiration for half a minute or so when the vapor

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after the disinfection of the wells, which is not shown, as water from a neighbouring village is

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potato and cinchona. How many millions of lives might

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or very moderate degree of weakness is gradually developed, and then

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diathfsis, excessive menstruation, profuse hsemorrhoi-

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for believing that traction on the tongue does not have the desired effect upon

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and any information on this point is very difficult to

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carefully compiled, it is far from being as satisfactory as the other sections,

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intra- or extra-abdominal treatment of the uterine stump in abdominal

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acre, which is seven times as much as the average daily

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ing among themselves, particularly if the disease be

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terminated fatally from a caii^e totallj' unconnected witii opium

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state throughout their whole area, consequently when

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surrounded the nerve roots, and sent processes into them and into the substance

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phenomena of this disease may be turned to useful account, and to prove

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F , alluded to in preceding case, Private 0 — had

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Such is very briefly the practical position of wound

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state of things, as far as lay in me. I confess the

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cision invests the subject are especially felt when he is trying to get light

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The correct solution of the problem is obviously that adopted

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disease, thanks to the researches of Dr. Gibbons, we may

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of melancholia has that vague sense of distress in the prsecordia to which

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some preserved milk. I have often given unsweetened

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a nuisance. The concensus of opinion of the medical

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lessen coagulability. Again by reducing the propor-

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qualified medical men of considerable experience failed

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define with precision the value of electrolysis in goitre, but he gives the

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Bohemia in 1866, and the war of 1870, of ail engaged,

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ganate I can quote experiments carried out by others

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purate soon, and pain is felt. In phlegmatic upadangsa,

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