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refer you, gentlemen, to my table of 100 cases of the
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ments that the teetotaler is a careful man with his
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the patient refers these pains either to the bones, the
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have escaped syphilis, and this spread of syphilis has occur-
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The field hospitals form an integral portion of each
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declared that he would as soon treat his fever patients
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the depot established in a village or farm buildings a
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any minds not absolutely sound are prone to produce
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striking statistics to prove the insanitary condition of
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1st, — " Kwe-pouk-pouk" (sprouting " Kwe.") — This
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granular pharyngitis, to that in which both they and
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ment and numerous additions found in each successive edition.
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F , alluded to in preceding case, Private 0 — had
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tullay ill Travancore and Streehareekota in the Nellore
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three humours which are due to irregularities of diet
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seen that we can have nothing new or interesting to say at the present
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dorsal aspect. I proceeded to open up the wounds before apply-
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these arrangements depend, not only the freedom from
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the tubercular bacillus, producing the disease known as
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case under investigation, and the life-history of the
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able elevations of the surface ; the maximum heights
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also that such local agent or agents starts its destruc-
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mitting that a peculiar form of anaemia (now malarial)
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to the municipalities in his district, but has invested him
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(*) To educate the criminal physically, mentally, and
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mate the joint surfaces, and the thighs are tied together,
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encountered trouble in every country in the world to
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Spillman and Haushalter operated on the fifteenth day of an acute pneu-
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country, the sale no doubt being assisted by an eloquent,
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The patient did very well, and was discharged from the hospital six weeks

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