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between the two conjugates of 1.73 cm., while in forty-one flattened or

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dian representative in the metropolis, W. Lawford, " thought the nuclei

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it present by the morphological examination, in a considerable number

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at least, as of secondary importance — though perhaps inducing compli-

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can be determined to within 15 or even 5 seconds. The

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the three hundred years of their existence, been remark-

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Drs. Gray and De Eenzy in the Punjaub, commenced by

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The cases have been mistaken for aneurism, and the situation in

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are found in the parcels of suspected cattle poison sent foi- ex,;.-

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characterized by high fever and swelling of the glands '

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rude to use such language to ladies and clergymen ! It

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But there is a combination of these in which the whole blood-supply

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* •' Fkatiog Matter of the Air." Py John Tyadall, 2nd Edition.

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the end of the first week. The cause of the disease was not

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plicit, that no good Moslim would allow the corpse of

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number of victims for their own pleasure and conveni-

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sification of them instituted many years ago, even before

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tent fever are to be attributed to malarial poison and

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become slimy or stringy {Bacillus lactis viscosus), or

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fact is serious, and l)ecomes more so when it is under-

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the keeper of such shop or place a license, which he shall be bound

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occasionally looking up with a half vacant, half-wild ex-

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With this knife an incision could be made as with a Graefe knife

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capsule with specially devised scissors, which are, how-

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That much suffering, discomfort, exposure, starvation,

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water, but later on the power of the heart is slightly

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apparently unpracticable by intralaryngeal procedure, tracheotomy was per-

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the cells of the periphery have a normal appearance.

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Finally, acute ophthalmoplegia has been observed in connection with

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had any of the variously modified inoculations of animals, either with

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