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intelligent, and will soon see that it is to their advantage

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ture of the aorta without previous dilatation is of infrequent occurrence.

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spinal centres in cases in which post-typhoid paralysis has existed, yet they

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being quite opposed to the high antiquity of Indian

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minutes. In this case no ligature was used. The cobra

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Among the ordinary village population there was con-

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a chisel at its other end, according to circumstances. I have thus

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subject in the Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, Nov. 1, 1888. He claims for Zau-

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I. — Marine Route : By sea to Chandbali and thence

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me to suspect the influence of atmospheric conditions

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by many members of the service and military adminis-

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but that could not be said of the second. In neither was there

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cess of K), uric acid is dissolved out and excreted.

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are supposed to contra-indicate the suspicion of arseni-

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noxious, mild septic symptoms are sometimes superadded.

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disease treated in the Civil Hospital, Hyderabad, Sindh,

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always to make a bolt for the bath-room, and if he cannot get

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Following the almost universal rule of intra-nasal inflammations the

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will stand much strain in the way of direct tension, but little in the way

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cisterns, etc., if he first obtains consent for the proposed

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of the bony frame work contract, and thus, as it were.

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that the weight carried by a soldier should be reduced

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Other scattering forms were present, but none abundant. No bacteria

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suggestion to introduce the medicinal cinchonas to the

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standard of the success at present obtained, may seem

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on the mouth of the well with dirty fe^t, from washing

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an evident and secondary diminution in the extent of the affected area,

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internally. The natives of Behar take them with great

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