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the one hand, that the cinchona industry of the world

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cisterns, etc., if he first obtains consent for the proposed

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receptacles of wood or metal, labelled, clearly and durably, with

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A Case of Sclerodactyle with Diffuse Scleroderma, By H. C. Gordinikr, M.D. . 15

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tion of aquous to reveal any lenticular substance which

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These are, first, that a remanent focus of tubercular disease implies a

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tens the maturity of plants, and in the same way the speaker

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Witliout presuming that the proposition is complete

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pure hypnotic, though I have lately seen it recommended in small doses

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from normal mental conditions, although, as a matter of fact, even the

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good order and discipline. " It will be seen from these

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commenced. Its breadth varies from 8 to 20 miles, averag-

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to have occurred unusually late, namely, the 13th day ;

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The peculiar features of the flisease are that its onset is

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removed. He seemed to improve very much after this. The tempera-

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successful in India. The fact that the conditions are

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the upper surface of the greater process of the os calcis.

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out that Nag^^^Og plus uric acid equals acid sodium urate).

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ts) nts, which is greater than the average population of the

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results- Having at his own disposal all the resources of a large

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variola — a fact, however, that had already been experi-

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qualified medical men of considerable experience failed

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Second. After this age children are more exposed to falls, blows, and

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interest taking place on this important object of how

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at the right time may save many a case from necrosis. Nevertheless,

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make a thorough examination in every case before introducing the post-

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what she had done. I saw her three-quarters of an hour

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very widely distributed throughout India, none of the

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these well-recognised forms of disease, there is a pecu-

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pain, for they dread its use exceedingly after having had it once. They

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weeks after the primary operation. Patients who were treated by this method

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1 Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, No. 14, 1887. « Berliner klin. Wochensohrlft, No. 16, 1887.

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stuifs sold in Calcutta." In the working of the Sec.

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examination, the brain was found congested, with slight extrava-

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forms of phlegmonous cellulitis after slight injuries?

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7th July 1891. C^) On Bacilli of Cholera Typhoid, and Tuberculo-

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