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for any oflfence after a conviction for a first offence,"

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disposition the trained regimental stretcher-bearers of

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Indian medical talent of the country a new field of

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by Graskell himself, who should certainly be the best

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main water-supply. It is true this water is in some

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to discover their virtues and to separate the active from

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he was anxious to submit to any operative procedure to get

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In some cases the formation was such as to leave but little space

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country, it was possible for those responsible for this

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Two distinct punctures were visible about three-quar-

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that the infliction of pain without good reason, the

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private societies with well-trained male and female

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guor, listlessness, and more rarely melancholia, are

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In all affections of a rheumatic nature, the salicylates

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'• Fharmacographia Indica " written by Dymock, Hoo-

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the proper authorities in India and at home the mischief

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to constitute concussion ; and, hence, he is strongly led to believe that such

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to get an even distribution of the sewage. The slope

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the second week, and recovery usnali}' about the twelfth or foiu--

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is not so necessary, but with a mixed diet this is imperative, in order to re-

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to him, not only the sex and probable age, but also the

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tainty that the pelvis is, or is not, contracted in the same direction.

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Antirior surf ace of thegreat j}rocess. — There is as a rule

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amination — Morphological : Few scattering bacteria were present in the

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anaesthetic. When I entered the patient had been par-

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A second case is reported, in which an assistant suffering from syphilitic

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enough when first admitted, but gradually became what

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cutive order of the date of attack, dm-ation of the

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from the results in a large number of cases in Ungar's clinic, and finding

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very useful measure. Electricity, as faradization, should also be employed,

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