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Coma was present in ten of the fatal cases ; it was

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quickly by granulation, and 24 days after operation

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It will be seen from the above table that the disease

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fer them to a particular passage in Dr. Simpson's paper as an

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the cords and brains of which he examined with care, brings forward numer-

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inadequate that a bill was introduced into Congress by

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lage with considerable dyspnoea, and a constant spas-

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I had the misfortune to discover that cows and other

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that similar operations might be of benefit in other

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children ? Then certainly the Europeans are hard at

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it would appear, considered precipitation of nric acid to be

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proportion of the total suicides occurring in the pro-

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papillomata; they are made up of vascular connective tissue capped

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regarded as any thing like satisfactory. It must be

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stances of rest and mental quiet, the pulse will in

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n-et expenditure. The amount spent in sanitation re-

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proceeds with such rapidity that there is no time for

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In examining the reported cases of sarcoma of the tonsil, the f()llo^v-

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less attention than that of the connection of crime with

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the yenr 1895, a period of tlirea years' probation. In

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time to time, the whole organization being equipped

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Bryan found quinine and cinchona to be sure prophy-

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lasted for a few hours only, he remained perfectly quiet,

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cular inflammation of the lungs, and fresh broncho-pneumonia. Bac-

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resist the onslaught of death, but of saving lives that

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before treatment with creasote. In 7 cases no mention is made of it.

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the supporters of the parasitic origin of the disease are forced to employ

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comparatively little attention has been paid to it. It is not difficult to

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The most important, however, of cases of post-typhoid paralysis are

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The Complications of Pregnancy and Parturition caused by

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more dangerous than measles, the disposition to get it is very much less.

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(1) atmospheric temperature; (2) atmospheric humidity;

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none of my cases has any complication, such as abscess,

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data. Which are the best and safest measures and drugs to use ? A

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intracranial affections, such as meningitis, inflammation of the sinuses, and

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