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ulcer, or any affection of the skin where the cutis
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This is called "after cataract" {cataracta secundaria).
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however, I had only two cases, one of which recovered.
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invalided from the army. As the result of experience
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puerperal fever when accompanied by malarial complication and
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they must be in their, second year of service, strongly
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strict proof was not furnished by his investigations.
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advantages insisted upon, the balance of opinion seem-
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posal of the excreta of enteric patients is allowed to
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Association for this year, a plate accompanying it.
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the office to which you have done me the honour to elect
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spine, or even laceration of the muscles may occur, yet, as a rule, the
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are necessarily more numerous than the Health Officers ;
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case epileptiform attacks developed a month after the original
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sequence, except in so far as they influence the conjugato-symphysial
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ciated with similar disease of the antrum. Ziem refers to a number of articles
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sensory disturbances differ in their distribution from those due to any
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cient and complete diet, and that neither the quantity
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inferior cornu of the faciea lunata. The superficial
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ignorant do not see the force of waiting to undergo
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These are a few of the regular articles seen in the
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mortality was only one in ten. This seems quite likely,
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whereas in reality it increases regularly with advancing age.
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over the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones, one about an inch away over
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of melancholia has that vague sense of distress in the prsecordia to which
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even at a time when none of its soluble decomposition
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IV. — The concomitant treatment, appropriate to each
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WiBORGH {Eira, No. 8, 1888) reports a case of tubal pregnancy three
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of the enquiry into the sanitary aspect of sewage farming
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Dum and its cholera will show that reform in sanitary
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ment I have found nothing to equal dusting the lids
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It is extremely rare for us to see a case in which the
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2. Inject subcutaneously. For an adult liquor strychnia
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