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frequently losing considerable quantities of blood by
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the vaccinators on such low salaries ? A majority of
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ment, though many well-known writers have shown that at least some cases
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of the skin, with a flat top, black, and covered with
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prepare the poison the night before. Now, the Abors
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bulum necessary for the life of the cholera microbe had
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and is so simple that it can be worked by people who
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dispose of the question of cold as an actual cause of the
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lessened or stopped, there was less resistiveness to control, there was a
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Staphylococcus pyogenes and M. cereus albus have also
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the lowest class seeks aid in hospitals and they would
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water, enjoy a remarkably low mortality from phthisis.
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its presence. Tropiiolin is uninfluenced by any organic acid, and is very deli-
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fourteen days the fluid reaccumulated. • An exploratory puncture showed
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This surely reflects either on the internal or external
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first four days, the morning fever exceeding that of
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terating milk, the summons- even was not granted by the
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ipecacuanha and liquor ammonise ; but it is doubtful,
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end, it will be seen that out of 101 cases 15 occur-
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forms of abscess of the liver. Lastly, this class includes
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ing elements due to race or station are involved. They
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ed and with better success than heretofore owing to the
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at least, even if not singly, quite as great as they advance
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be irrigated for two or three days before it is cut. This
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two cases of this complication. In the first the patient had tympanites on
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first twelve hours ; 2, those operated on after twelve hours ; 3, those in which
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its lessened activity rapidly went so far that the point of cardiac pulsation was
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best advantages to the criminal. " The prison is the
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is tasteless, and powdered and mixed with common salt
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hydrate, methylal, and hypnone are so abominable in taste and smell, that it
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(3) Osteo plastic operations for spicula necrosis or
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ing a very clear account of visual localization, includmg the phenomena

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