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a small number of cases of the typical eruption, and
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affection of the ear, which had excited the interest of her physicians,
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of Calcutta. The small number of the cases reported
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of these cases with favorable results. In cases of infantile paralysis, however,
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ceptible, shallow, slow , pulse 45, thin and small. Her
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adequately carried out. At least there are no records to
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totally different symptoms in mental disease, the same person is often
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fevers in this country is either so exact or so certain
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water than non-abstainers, or that the food-supplies partaken of hy
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amount of new matter relates to hsematocele, its pathology and diag-
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ever foremost when any work in the interests of suffer-
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warm water, or nc(7n infusion, and these aljlutions are
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themselves. Autopsy: Tonsils much swollen, with somewhat ragged
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The diseases of Indian children are comparatively an
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prejudicial to the medical officers, who had neither
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monly advances to a considerable degree before being arrested. Arrived
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lower extremities, and abnormal condition of the heart,
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parenchymatous degeneration of the kidney, with opacity of the tissues
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cases the colour of the skin of the toes soon became
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drinking water, yet not (so far as is known) capable of
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The next food-stuS for consideration is ghee, or butter
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put (through the influence of the officer commanding)
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occurring in the upper extremities, sometimes in lower,
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marked symptom. On palpation, a few slightly tender
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be inferred from the above analyses in the absence of
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The causes of sclerotic rhinitis cannot be given in the present state of
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this necessary, but would forbid the parents using linen that had been in use
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of the superior epigastric arteries, are not atavistic. Occasionally in
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apportion blame to his neighbours, for the time may
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be left in by mistake than sponges, being very much

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