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it. The two heads of the sterno-cleido-mastoid were closely approximated.
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upon dogs, which he made at the Pharmaceutical Institute of Berne, with
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years, the average cost for the last triennial period, per
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while hot, and tuld the spirit of peppermint on cooling. Duse one-half a drachm to two drachms.
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an abdominal or intra-uterine gestation is admitted, but it is only as
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six years. In these cases the bullse varied in size from
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in a position to see his own orders carried out. Dr. Simpson
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provinces except Behar and Burma, where it is entirely
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(first case 16th May, last 5th Jime), the second in Octo-
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rib. The left innominate vein was about half the length of the
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rice occupies a very subordinate place throughout the
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two of the greatest pathologists in Europe be correct,
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feeble, while the urine is scanty and thirst great.
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and I would refer to Gautier's work on the products
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the water of wells and tanks as the agents in the trans-
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force to pass through, cutting any vessels .or organs it
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they could earn a sufficiency to live on, with a moderate
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deaths were reported. On the following dny were reported
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('). Hesling, Virchow's Archive; Army Medical Report, Hygiene:
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hsemorrhagic infarcts produced by the excess of CO2 in
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I prepared two extracts — an aqueous and an alcoholic —
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very slowly but surely, and in April last she could
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and skilful aid he had afforded the author in the treat-
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and especially those with prsecordial fear, are always the most dangerous
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thoughts. Before, however, proceeding to suggest how
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Pulsating pleurisy usually occurs in cases in which the fluid has
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both patient and physician is directed for weeks to some surgical injury,
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tympanic cavity continued in three. In the twenty cases without communi-
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in Amritsar, so (jreat was the pressure on the ground
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(4) The Deputy Sanitary Commissioner, in communication
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which serves admirably for the purpose, and they are
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distances, without leaving splinters of lead or steel.
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he paints the tonsils with a solution of thirty parts of gallic acid, sixty parts
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of the liver-cells occurs in all parts of the lobules ; and
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particular that, within the last year, no fewer than three persona

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