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successes have been in connection with subperiosteal resection. Unfor-

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method which seemed to me open to the serious criticism that it would

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jectively defined cruelty into ignorant, careless, wanton,

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amounts of organic matter may be fit to drink, provided

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even in the most backward parts of this province, but

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" Indian Steam Ship Act " insists only on (1) qualified officers

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potability, and it would be a difficult matter to do so.

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neither fish, flesh nor fowl, offer no sacrifices of blood,

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tincture of valerian to the combination. This does specially well where

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Lecluyse's.^ In the latter, the ovum escaped through an aperture left

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of the punishment of this morally diseased class, and

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place, and in such a manner that mistakes cannot occur.

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following disorders of digestion, attended with more

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outbreaks of typhus fever which I have observed in two

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and the various operations that have been practised for their repair. The fol-

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It is described as diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, al-

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valley surrounded by high mountains, on a spur hillock-

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and purulent meningitis may develop; also purulent otitis media. Any

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variably prescribed the diet of infants labouring under

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inhalations and creasote given internally, than they do upon either

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stated ; a low bloodvessel vitality seems to be the immediate cause.

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advantages. It may plainly vary with variation, either in the element

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children by the same wife, all dead. Of the first four the

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claim for this particular mode of treatment of impair-

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and-a-half hours from the onset of the hypeipyrexia without

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