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Their firing was undoubtedly very high, but there is

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cocci and a few stumpy bacilli. Cultures: Streptococcus colonies devel-

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lar lids. But I think tannic acid can better reliably

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having had any prophylactic previously, the results

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has been found to be more profitable than working the

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cer and as Chairman of the Municipality. As Chairman he was

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vivisection literature tliat the bulk of the opposition to

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having had any prophylactic previously, the results

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especially of the acute excitement of general paralysis, where half-ounce

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into the cheek, whence it can easily be removed by means

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place ; if not, I set it by gentle manipulation or by

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faction and infection, and to ensure their union by the

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particulars. The prize hut was of wood with felt for

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evidently depended largely upon cough and expectoration ; in a few

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at the rate of one anna per successful operation, up to

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profuse perspiration but even rigors, and in some instances this may culmi-

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the same precautions as to vessel and labelling as in the case of

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In this table the bite is reported to have been in-

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itself to the viscera, he denies. As this variety has been recognized by

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I asked the latter if they could explain why so much

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breaks the shock of many a fall, and in this ease gave

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ruptured aneurism was found. (The degree of responsibility of the

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Viewed as a whole, however, the charts not infrequently

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as in quite normal conditions, of a bacillus apparently identical with the

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staff' of the field hospitals assembled to do justice

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indicating nervous and bodily degeneration. Mentally

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the commencement of deglutition, and we may now see

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contains, in some cases, a slight amount of albumin. Herpes and purpuric spots

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