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feel it incumbent on me to bring to your notice the following

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stream never permits storage of the uric acid in the

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child in whom the coagulation time had been accelerat-

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mentation of the liver, but the mode of distribution of this

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tebrate animals. It is a mistake to suppose that licenses

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carbonic acid gas ; they form pleasant drinking water.

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it to be true epidemic beri-beri and calls it by the

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not an uncommon thing for one person to be readmitted

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said to be extracted from them, which is regarded as

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Several cases of a similar result from the use of salicylate of sodium are

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nal. Vol. IV., No. 4, translr.ted by Dr. Maodonald from Vierteljabrs-

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oil-cake, and then wrapped up in plantain or other leaves

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ly elongated pyriform facet as a distinctive character.

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degree of remission is subject to almost daily variations.

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the Congress, and 1 venture to think that some of the

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you to separate the wheat from the chaff of village

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clinically the results of the above described experi-

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the physical signs improved, and the bacilli in the sputa were less numerous.

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capacity. It is obvious that their rank ignorance can

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was the British officer who suffered. The natives about

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without literally any bad or severe symptoms at all"

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dangerous, and leaves the heart defenceless and a prey

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of cases of accidental poisoning must always produce

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by shewing that vaccinia is only a modified form of

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down to medium bronchi, loosened and softening below. Commencing

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ensue within the first three days from extreme virulence

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assailant is not easy to determine in such a case ; and the case is still in

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slight impairment of tongue movements. He quotes also a case^ in

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supply of Glauber's salts in the stores was exhausted,

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severity and uncei-tainty, and placed it on the footing it

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bringing the mule medical panniers to the base hospital,

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large intestine for some minutes, it is necessary to

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of opium in the stomach to enable him to ascribe the

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