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and the consistence was less firm, the curette and finger
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tube and the discharge of contents is into the abdomen — intra-peritoneal.
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irregular type ; in some cases it is remittent, iu others
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creasote inhalant relieves symptoms notably, and in the beginning, at least,
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to that which has taken place in the centre ; but in the case of
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striking the eye from the front, was found to be 0.28. Taking a radius of 12
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tive those of Ger.ies, and agree with those of Hoff-
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the most common were those in which a portion of the soldier's gun or helmet
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a. Posterior surface of tongue, roughened by papillae. 5, Epiglottis, c, c', Arytenoid cartilages —
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soil coincidently -with the use of any water, excepting
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This continuous recurrence renders the case of grave prognosis.
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entirely overcome, all point to the intimate relation which
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most eflacient dilator. A little more pulling will briua
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of distilled water, and ten parts of glycerine. A brush of fine bristles is em-
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these, there were 270 ; 183 being of both tonsils, and 87 of one only.
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main action of this combination to be on the liver.
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forms a conduit for the milk as in C, thereby affording convenient means
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broad stripe of ecchymosis appeared extending from the
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liquid, and were generally, if not always, accompanied by much
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struation could not be ignored ; though, no doubt, there were other
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anaesthetic ; it was he who established its employment
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through the dressings. A tourniquet was placed above
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treated otherwise took two to three years to cure, points to
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prevailing there. (2) It is generally known in regi-
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of sanitary restraints must be made by a convincing
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accessory gland corresponded in position to that in the Macaque (Fig. 6).
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transparent layers had heen left behind and escaped notice.
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segmentation more or less advanced of the white sheaths, and also numbers
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about, and penetrating as many vessels with it as possible, because its destruc-
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of measles is stated to rnnge from 7 to 21 days. Hence
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it acts as a tonic, and in haemoptysis as a hsemostatie
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fever, the temperature ranging above 104". Both became
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metacarpo-phalangeal and phalangeal articulations is tense, thickened,

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