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two. Playfair,^ in agreement with Baudelocque and the older obstetric

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and rising up of the diaphragm take place to a certain extent ; but an obsti-

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all visible solid matter is absent, but till the fluid re-

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these facts ; but the experience of the greater part of a

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their actions. They are, therefore, legitimate objects of

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of patients in 1883, Dr. Harvey being in charge. That

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from the outfall channel through culverts with sluices

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In July and August 189.'{ series of only fifty-six washings.

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relaxation of the extremities. In this way the patient is continually inhaling

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4. In 1893, there was, as occurs in exceptional sea-

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ligament left untorn at the time of the accident, the greater the possibility

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20,000 British troops were landed fromjthe fleet with

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utilised the advantages which the association of the Sanitary De-

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the patient refers these pains either to the bones, the

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somewhat flattened. Its color is bluish-gray flecked with small bright

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is cost and want of funds. By repetition the expres-

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believe that the changes incurred will form increased

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vivisection party, but is based on a priori assumption

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in spite of the antiseptic treatment, anti-pyretics, cold

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been a good deal more. The actual cost to the Indian

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The reduction in number may take place in the thoracic region, leav-

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per mille, while for the ten years ending March 1888

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1 1. In this connection 1 wish to mention as an in-

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[t deals with the author's own observations and is based upon " post-mor-

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quency u[) the Eustachian tube, giving rise to otitis

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the necessary regulations and arrangements " for all th©

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From a consideration of these general features Nothnagel strongly

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children. Colored children and Italians are remarkably free from it.

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Case IV. — A girl, aged six years, had several sinuses on the skin,

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