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calcareous soil of the Trans- Gogra districts of the
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practical lessons to be learned from them. No result
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four cases, of which the following are short notes : — >
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tube in such a manner that it compressed the veins, but left the arterial supply
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circumstantial evidence, patient brought to hospital,
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sewer water is allowed to flow at intervals over the land ,
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eye to be operated on, which has already for two or three
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filarise in his blood. He suffered from frequent and
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occurred in the other eye. This important chapter seems only to have been
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influence in abortion and sterility. In my practice
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from restricting the free sale of arsenic. The value of
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borne, so that I have been able to give thirty grains twice
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cination gracefully. Attempts were made to introduce
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and fixation is not so indispensable. The objections to
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made with the purpose of loca'iug the as.-emblage on the
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Minkowski {Berliner klin. Wochenschrift, 1888, No. 31) speaks highly of arti-
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apex. In the second week transverse cracks commonly
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holds to be in many cases a primary thrombosis, — in all
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pannier" for use in those hills, where the transport
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Treatment by Permanganate of Potash ... •.■ 499
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Wilkins, into the Montreal General Hospital on the 26th of March,
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are observed chiefly in the lower extremities and especially in the feet.
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excite immediate local reaction. It was present in Case III., when
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broncho-pneumonia in both lower lobes with pulmonary congestion ;
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for one or two years with, in some cases, but not in all,
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at the ordinary atmospheric pressure absorbs its own
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sist of 5 medical officers, 8 non-commissioned officers,
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diate removal of excreta from the neighbourhood of dwellings,
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pound fracture, as well as in simple depressed fracture
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