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pupil, or gasping or stertorous breathing, or change
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ing, yellow fluid comes from the mouth and nostrils, and
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fore-shortened, the terminal phalanx small, atrophic, and congested;
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From these facts we cannot help feeling that neither
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A similar condition is supposed to exist in the kidney
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been attempted ; and the value and importance of the
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enough to go out. All are supplied with cataract spec-
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an excellent moral effect, and both the executive and
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men, advisedly, because my object is to impress upon
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stuff, are thoroughly pounded with a mixture containing
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can assure you, both an honour and a pleasure to be
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very rife in Burmah, and I hope some li^ht will be thrown
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omniscient brains of the celestials and grounded on the
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control. He works in consultation with the District
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scientific, as it secures a continuance of the safety-
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attacks the whole body. This rash shows itself in two
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wise improved ; patient able to speak and to drink easily ;
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* For suggestion see Indian Emiuratioa Act, 188.3-1890. Chapter
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so far — 1 have had similar, if less, striking results.
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curs annuall)' in liengal. The p pulation is for the most
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The difficulties are obvious, for, while the height of the symphysis can
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Doderlein of Leipzig('"Centralblatt fur Gynakologie,"
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Ed. Weill {Frov. mtd., Dec. 3, 1887 ; Rev. mm. de laryn. Oct. 1888) reports
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The subject is an important one, both to ourselves and
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resemble the fruit of the Ficua gloniLrata ( Udv.nibara
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taken into consideration. Any system to be successful
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its sequel is related by Dr. Bristowe* in an able paper contributed in
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says that when called to a case in which we have reason to believe hemor-

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