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English meadow land. So where we get one ton of hay

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taken by bullets and the influence of rifling, had a fur-

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was a small, irregular patch of pseudo-membrane, dense and closely

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believe that the changes incurred will form increased

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large quantities of granular cells, with large nuclei were

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the parts are hard, there is itching and very little

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adduce in-tances the oc-urrence of which can only be

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croaching as it does on the sclerotic, it renders the ciliary

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In the first place I think we should try to lessen the

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(1.) ^ Liver.— Is it not rare at an Indian autopsy to

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side of the end of the middle finger and the mark left by the nail can

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Carleton (~^aba(hii) said typhus fever was very prevalent

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time the river level is lowest (reaching to 484 feet

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the aid of a generous diet, the child was restored to its

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reported to have died of the disease at Gadoli, patti

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contain a clause going dii'ectly contrary to its owti

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culty of preventing the natives of Bengal, especially

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are precisely the same in India as they are in Europe.

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theB.P. solution of strychnia at once injected. 4-15 a.m.

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(membranes, etc.), which was kindly placed by his colleague at the

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a similar conclusion : Prince Kraft, iu his letters ou

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mit minute sound vibrations, Maloney suggests that the pumping sounds so

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gizing of the cortex seems in such cases to be concentrated in the motor

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is favorable if the tumor is not too large and does not project too far toward

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Bishop Moorhouse, who is reported to have said that

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above the eyebrows, vomiting or diarrhoea indicate that the drug should be

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Again, the administration of CaOl3 by the mouth has

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and undoubtedly there is less danger of losing an eye

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conclusions on the skin disease known as " Kwe-na "

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cause the associate disorder. These are (1) the hy-

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