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to the food usually consumed by the people inhabiting
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blanket. The medical officers were of a high social
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cheerfulness, wishes to lie down on damp ground and
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13. Madder ov manjit {Ruhia cordifolia) . — The roots
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of sponges with the least amount of interference to the
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all difficulties. The lingering pains, the dull head-
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liar malady prevalent very extensively in certain parts
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humanity that skill in these particular branches of
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f ompletion of his work ; we demand that intelligf>nce
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of waste products and in the purification of the blood,
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troducing similar sanitary improvements in similarly
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lamellse of the spongy tissue were broken and the spaces were infiltrated with
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15 years, (?) was admitted into hospital on 17th March
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He insisted on the need of good hygienic surroundings,
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Case No. 6.— A man, sixty years of age, was bitten by a jackal
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power than antipyrin, antifebrin, phenacetine, or any other of those chemical
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about 1,000 feet above the village oi Siti and near
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cisions in a greater degree than almost any other class
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Caruso {Archiv/ur Gyndkologie, Band 33, Heft 2) reports a case in detail
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This new antipyretic has been extensively tried by Dr. Dreschfeld, of
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cal persons among the street-cleaners of Berlin showed a smaller per-
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off, a white surface should be left, dotted over with
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ly limited in quantity, but it was calculated that with
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diathesis that the bacillus leprae has an easier access
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named fever, caused by some poison of microbic origin
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more or less involve! ; the parts are greatly swoUen ; there
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posed, such disease not only derives no benefit but gets
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to 20 times less than the leguminospe, 30 times less
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out ; the fever was accompanied by a distinct measly
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about two or three cases of such suppuration in about 150
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as its physical characters are concerned, it has practical-
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recovery followed. Also, an abdominal pregnancy without sac, in which the
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these inhalations do good. The physician notices it, and the patient affirms

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