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recent case of Eulenberg progressive facial atrophy coexisted with sclero-

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the medical officers, the senior hospital assistant how-

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The virus transmitted by heredity may manifest itsolf

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verse diameter. In flat pelves the relation between the two is incon-

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monstrance, has been more than a twelve month dead.

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gave was that it was actually bone. On section however it looked

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gative. It has been used in jaundice and severe con-

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ber 1894, p. 829. (/) Dr. Michael Taylor. Penrith, was the first

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ocular affections from the same cause, which are submitted to useless opera-

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book on Surface Anatomy. It is not so complete, either in the one

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word he wrote on the principles of their treatment,

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thoracic walls^ suggestive, to say the least, of involvement in an unusual

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was confined to her bed, when her death was daily looked for from the

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unassociated, either with culpable ig^norance or grave

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The patient, a woman, fifty-six years old, stated that she had first noticed

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Barth' has given an account of a nipple which grew on the face of a

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plied with the cotton tuft and carrier under full illumination and

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10 A.M. Turpentine 15 minims every four hours was now

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With the exception of a grove of pine trees at one place,

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carefully examine the posterior surface of the symphysis pubis, in order

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milk disagrees, a change must be made, and soup thick-

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tirely painless, but most of them are moist from a scanty

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Martini-Henri bullet, fired at forty yards distance, did not

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Prisons, Punjab, to ask me to enquire iuto the sickness

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the bone at once so as to allow the escape of any pus.

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and serve no good purpose. The gradient of the carriers

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turbance of normal metabolism is not to ensue. (It is

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darker-stained non-fatty areas round the interlobular veins is

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sanitary organization that appears to be the most pos-

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be decided by the manner in which this important subject is treated.

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sewage farms and six tons from Madras sewage farms.

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perature, pulse and respiration soon became normal. C'^nscious-

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Circle I, situated in the Hissar district, also consists

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practical training in public health and laboratory work.

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cognized by such Pharn'acopoeia are dispensed on prescription."

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comparatively slightly wounded, and 35,000 would be

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maternities whose statistics have been recently published.

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