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21st April 1892 of the Eed Cross Societies, the King

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is practised under the stimulus of immediate danger,

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acting through generations must have a marked result in its

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is now felt in the latter and they have become swollen.

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of medical men varj ingin their qualifications according

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head must contain a small brain. If therefore a head is so

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presenting portion of the cyst, about the size of a half dollar, was entirely

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summary of opinions in the appendix disclose the sym-

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part. Venous engorgement is a further stage of the disorder. The cause of

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similar sections. A number of wagons or country carts,

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raw surface, some operators are accustomed to stitch the peritoneum to the

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present would be the one most likely to be capable of

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of fjeces, 2,058 maunda of urine, 8'^ 120 maunds of foul-

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it, Jaccoud writes as follows : " Creasote seems also to have some effect

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from the fact that masses of cicatricial tissue on the edges and at the

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(Na'^^l) in solvition in the body, an exchange takes place

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pare, either as a heart drug or as a diuretic, with digitalis. On the other hand,

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nized as the characteristic lesion of enteric fever, and

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glands and organs supposed to act vicariously, nor, indeed, anything very

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the administration of additional light meals may be begun.

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dyspnoea, or cough. On laryngoscopic examination, a grayish-browm

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lation, and is intended principally to start vaccination

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of the neighbourhood in whom is stored up the accu-

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apertures to those on the limb. The bullet was found

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having ulceration of Peyer^s patches he has enteric fever^

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strictly in detail, will prove, not only satisfactory, but

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mittent fever, pericarditis, and acute rheumatism, with

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man, we both came to the conclusion — erroneous as

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bleeding, he was enabled to do so without any trouble

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