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teum and skin were accurately apposed by sutures, and a large sized

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gested by the official nomenclature. It is all very

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I ported in minute detail. He does not refer this condition to reflex influence

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changes in the uterus or ovaries." The context to this, while it may

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sease, in spite of all known suitable treatment, in spite of ten

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bite, is the late autumn and winter ; in some seasons the

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are three principal festivals at which they congregate in largest

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5. The duties of the inspectors will be to visit all villages, to

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brane. He carries out this procedure three times in succession, repeats it

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members for writing papers. Moreover, I thought that

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to abundance or scarcity of putrefactive organisms, a

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severity of the case, the fever line does not range high during the

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the upper and lower extremities. In flat bones, such

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private societies with well-trained male and female

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which an antiseptic solution flows, while the uterine wall is traversed by the

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site of the swelling is followed by free htemorrhage.

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was prepared by Messrs. Smith Stanistreet and Co. of

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in the form of fatty acids, it would seem that there was not so much an im-

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been present in considerable numbers, subsequent to treatment had

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Mexico. There are forty-seven districts in Bengal, each

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clinical features will be not altogether devoid of interest.

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that certain expenses would fall on the Government in

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intensity, and at times quite disappear as the disease

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Let us first consider the nature of these changes. On

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cases — a process which would naturally raise the per-

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brains may be deficient in some way, as it is generally

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wooded and numerous clusters of well preserved bam-

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but this fatal termination is ver}- rare." Some practi-

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examined — and they were a great many — the gums

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