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rise to deafness varying in degree. The Eustachian tube now becomes

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Commissioner, and also by creating a new agency for

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pain. Two years after, the stiffness, pain, and swelling made their appear-

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were not under pressure ; and this continued, until at

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* Hj'gieiie anJ Diseases of Warm Cliinutef'. — Davidson,, p. 233,

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Gaucher (X' Union M"ed., November 18, 1888, p. 728) has previously recom-

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uttered a low groan, she appeared to her friends to

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maturity. The contractor reckons to cut a crop every

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after-coming head in 47 cases. With improvements in antisepsis and methods

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convulsions occurred with unusual frequency," is still

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regime of camp-life has been omitted. Advantage has been taken of

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gerous to the heart, although such danger is repudiated

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turbance will sooner or later impress its stamp on the

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Manner of using. — In intermittent fevers, when the

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after 24 hours ; had him under observation for above a year.

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which the flow of blood can be arrested. Whatever is to be done must be

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wasted than its posterior. The forearms have the appearance due to a

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acid, and the resulting displacement of the tumor is carefully noted. The

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weeks' use of malt and cod-liver oil. At the second stage, in 2 cases

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employment in the service of the State, or recruits

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symphysis, the point entering the skin just above the

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except the short direct free one between the kidney and the external

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rib, sometimes close to the sternum. In three cases the tumor appeared

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In the last three years the opening up and increasing

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a different caste did not eat with the crew." In most

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these few years I have already observed that it was

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very protracted : one of my cases remained in hospital

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utmost scepticism as to the testimony of others and an intolerance of

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seemed rather to accelerate death than to improve the

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adopted, sewers must always be provided to carry off the foul

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ing carbine are slit in three places over the bullet, the

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mine whether the condylar portion is attached or detached. Each epicondyle

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prognosis that with the death of the child during preg-

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known, may be dull in pneumothorax when the tension of the thoracic

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