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At that time, I would add, I regarded creasote as being only a good
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Another was attacd^ed on the »vay. If anything lias been
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organ of the mind in so far as the structural integrity of the former is
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depends on the individuality of the operator, and this
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the different symptoms, and by a discussion of the theory of the affection.
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power of general public opinion in these days, will,
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in these chronic cases was, a cure in 56 per cent., and a continuation of the
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out of place here, considering its magnitude and import-
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Not that all my hopes and expectations of twenty years ago in regard to
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the disease, so other names are unnecessary, and as
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a few miles from Calcutta. There they will see filthy
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0.6 cm. He found it to be diminished in generally contracted specimens,
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by his kind friend, Dr. Crombie, that he had been able to see it.
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of twenty, showing throughout its course a remarkable tendency to relapse
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Lastly, in any scheme of a sanitary service devised, no
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identical Avith beri-beri, but takes beri-beri to le a
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tive interference with the free sale of poisons in India
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sional causes of more or less complete progressive bilateral ophthalmo-
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substances whose main action consisted in the diminution of the amount
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in natives. On the other hand, fancial and laryngeal
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Lateral lithotomy was now performed in the usual manner,
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diabetes in India. As far as age incidence is concerned,
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savage, little men, and of a Mongolian caste of counte-
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genous medicine must be duly registered in the following
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and necrosis of the tissues occurred at the point of injection. The author hence
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last two cold seasons has led us to the conclusion that
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that was present in a large number of cases was a fine tremor of
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with water. Observations of the exact relations of the tumor were taken
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and Rs. 17,000 yearly to keep engines going, is a pro-
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Austria, 1,600,000. When the first great battle of the
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VI. Medical Conductors on Board. — To avoid extra ex-

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