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their efforts with offering to the gods and in visits to
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thermometer in the institution was broken, he had no means of
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dislocations, and the atrophic changes of the phalanges. The thumb is
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His second case was advanced abdominal pregnancy; the placenta was
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the left than on the right side, and is in the majority of cases situated on
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status of the lower clases and assist in developing the
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service. Each stretcher carried by the sanitats' detach-
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licy of non-interference entails present suffering in our
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on the scale, but this is a figure which should be fixed
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Some were filled at full pressure (1201bs.), with rock-
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become fully alive to the palpable advantages of vac-
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and by putting r7 against 130, whicli represent the death-rate
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Case VIII. — Clinical history: Female, one year. Three days before
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to put in hand the manufacture of "a coolie medical
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crease. Deducting the number of deaths amongst pilgrims
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the urine in anaemia, are derived from the sulphur of
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for two years f lom dysentery in repeating form. He had tried
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disease prevaSed largely, 137 cases of parangi came
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with him his telling me that he was on the track of a
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be changed into " fever "without any qualifying phrase,
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In most instances the accessory nipple is single, is far oftener seen on
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must have been to carry out. But this is not all. Many
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of these last was the case of paralysis of the vocal
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depends the market value of the article produced. To
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cough of several iiKuitlis" ^laiulini:, wiili >light broiu'lilti> and riiiplivsriiia,
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digestible, it favours a very suitable article of diet for
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The nasal method, the cheek-flap method, the arm-flap
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mire of empiricism. The medicinal properties and uses
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after this date. The condition of the patient alone must determine the nature
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linseed poultices, liniment of iodine, blistering with
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treatment, which, in my hanils, has shown itself as easily
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in cats, after birth, as a rule. The microscopic structure of the bands and

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