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hypersemia, with some secretion. Later, the stapes ceases to vibrate, and
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and applying a splint, with pressure behind, so as to
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cates urge upon the Grovernment, it must not be for-
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ward ; when this is inaccessible, the anterior vaginal wall should be gently
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patients, each of whom survived an average of twenty-three months after the
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have, if possible, a definite pronouncement of its views
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the number of cases of poisoning is excessive ; and,
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cultivated in the buffalo ; the same animal is very often
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peritoneal cavity does not require drainage, the wound
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but seemed rather to be due to the effect of a system
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have all been founded on the Baconian principle, " In-
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administration, and the selection of the poison. The
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i-eo;ister the same within two months after t-ho section sliall come
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No dangerous symptoms or cumulative action appeared, the appetite improved
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while those who do not follow them, and A\'atch or de-
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Sweden, where it is said to have destroyed more than
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heavy, and causing ulceration, had to be altogether discontinued ; other-
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This method often inoculates septic material as well
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The author believes that such a condition exists, and that the combination of
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consequence of the section of the superior laryngeal nerve.
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common to all parts of the compound nerve trunk. Perhaps the best
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tuberculosis, and about twice as thick. They are frequently a little
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and either directly or by smashing the bone of the orbital wall.
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drunk this disinfected water. But of those who died,
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IVERSEN ( Gynakol. og. obstetr. Meddel., Copenhagen, Bd. 7, Hefte 1, 2)
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throughout. But it is designed so that after the puncture and the
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large diffused contusion over the right parietal eminence, and a
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Madras was attacked with cholera last year. The local sanitation
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by far the most troublesome, are excessive restlessness, shouting, tearing,
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start a severe diarrhoea, and sometimes almost choleraic
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animals have rights, and that the right to he saved
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