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upon secondary pysemia. This view, however correct it
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oft", and the patient began to get up, he found his legs, and in
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of agriculture which are sure to result in additional and
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to nephrectomy. The first incision, made for exploration and drainage,
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Pakokku District shortly after my arrival in Burma in
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and lessened liability to accident or hindrance, from unsteadiness on the
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Medical Congress, having heard the communication of
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before was dry land covered with a promising rice crop.
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A microscopical examination of the small piece of tumor removed by
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was not paralysed by pressure. The thyroid was much
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case epileptiform attacks developed a month after the original
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and the case seemed hopeless, as the wound had been
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capillaries, and widen the pulmonary veins and pro-
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growth the bony mass was found to lie loosely in the fat, which
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might not be considered out of the service. There are a
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Dass, to the premature maternity so common in India. Children
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practitioners. Still, [ point this out as a peculiar
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follows : He begins to feel hot, without any shivering
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As far as is known, the first to perform this opera-
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that a large amount of inspection work in this depart-
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to the relief of severe inflammation or extreme occlusion of the nares. Com-
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while in dry air, or air in motion, the formation of drops
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that the origin of these classes was too recent for any trust-
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leprosy, attended with fetid discharge and sloughing.
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vital statis'ical returns, which probably represents one-
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to have taught the necessity for care iu this })articu-
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pilgrims to all parts of India free of epidemic disease.
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form, of which about 47 '7 per cent, were mutilated.
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experiments with the result that the cultivators' opi-
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ing drug is five tolahs or two ounces.* This quantity
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of earth, so as to divert the floods from the rice-fields
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