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The eruption is practically painless unless ulceration

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anxious to experiment with the drug. The difficulty

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quarters is entertained, and, though for my part I can

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less disheartened and sceptical regarding new modes of

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to be rubbed in so forcibly. Against this opinion of

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pyogenes (9). He describes another case, also an adult, of diphtheria

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son could be made as to the effects derived from each

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number of pharmacological laboratories, is rapidly increasing our knowl-

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scarcely distinguishable at another, i. e., it may be intermitting. 6. When

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of all. If a man lost three patients in succession he was

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defeat its own object, unless, perhaps, special concessions

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specific gravity 1010, no albumin, no casts. No affection of cranial

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thered seed to a large dog. It was administered with

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The general arrangement of the contents is as follows : First, con-

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however, deters both patient and physician from a continuance of the treat-

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states that he inspected villages in patti Bisaud, where

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the seventh day ; in one case the suppuration had not produced softening of

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water is found at from eighteen inches to two feet from

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hypersesthesia, the result of reflex action." The specific condition is not

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seen, — that is, during the months that bitterly cold

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Under this title Dr. Henry L. Morse has presented a most valuable paper

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cannot afford to refer the observation of suspects to the

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efforts to bring about, if possible, an alteration in this

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soon we were able to discontinue the special night attendant. Such a case

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modern antiseptics, we find the report of the Eye Hos-

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Six weeks later, in December, it was decided to open the mastoid cavity.

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Series of sixty washings. — Complete cure. He has been able

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them for acquisition. Discretion, as well as assiduous industry, is called

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resorted to. As strict antiseptic precautions were adopted, the

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that residence in a tropical climate during youth and

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parison of the properties of arsenic and vegetable poisons

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tlian the work of that quaint old cruel coxcomb, Isaac

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ing that mothers' milk, even in Calcutta, is the health

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