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each arm, but the patient died at the time. Death 16 hours
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after death. In all, thii'ty-one cases of the disease oc-
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the following symptoms : The head was carried slightly to the left, and the
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symptom of rickets), leading to involvement of the bile ducts and consequent
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may be conducted in such climates without the occurrence of disease
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tympanitic, with a doubtful impulse, gurgling on pressure. The abdomen
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Tlie extensive development in the trade of European
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velvety. This difference in appearance is explained by the microscopical
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diminished owing to the small size of the projectile.
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washing is a sensation of stricture at the lower part
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Here, then, we have a definite, yet progressive, invasion in the nervous
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(1) That cholera is a filth disease, carried by dirty
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"The man who first died lay sick, was visited several
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before was dry land covered with a promising rice crop.
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The Bhopawar Agency I'st must next be faced. Of tlie
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(iholera as a disease specially prone to appear under
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and of being unequal to the relief of severe inflammation or extreme occlu-
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Case II. — A boy, aged eleven years, fell from a tree and sustained a
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couragement to the training of nurses of all castes and
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v\ho, by their intimate knowledge of the habits of their
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of such a scheme which our nursing schools are try-
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12. Dhup (Jerinea maerocephala) . — The roots {dhup)
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other drugs, and in order to be able to employ smaller doses than'
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aged eighteen years, was admitted into the General Infirmary at Leeds
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(3) The subordinate in charge of each sanitary section
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consider it advisable to resume the injection. He died
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an average is struck, or a number of heads taken into
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It is a curious paradox that the heating of the body
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then given internally, but witli no appreciable effect, and quinine
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surgery of the latter half of the eighteenth century.
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two principal factors with which we have to deal. We
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"This case and the others like it may not have been examples
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moved as qnic'dy as possible. All are agreed on one point,
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der treatment. The disease was accompanied by intense pain,
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a definite judgment as to the importance of his observations.

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