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get the fur in better condition, the injection of air

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ing among themselves, particularly if the disease be

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employed building on a scaffold at the.Town Hall, Mool-

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tion with more or less regidar lesions, or extensive loss

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possibly ^^ari passu therewith, occurs a similar eruption

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ties of ivood creasote, or, what is preferable, of the creasote which is

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the Indian druggists importing di'ugs which have al-

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siifFness. The ungual phalanx is about one-third its natural size. The

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it remains continuous, while in a few it only appears

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means of a spatula; (5) puncture and massage combined;

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Dilatation of the Cervix in Cases of Hemorrhage due to

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sequence, except in so far as they influence the conjugato-symphysial

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ence was, taking into consideration the symptoms and

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suffocation came on suddenly, and blood was expelled from the opening

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M. F — , who was said to have been shot by a comrade

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high temperature and pulse, by the logicality of the delusions, by the

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by the hand or forceps. The incision, advocated by Czerny and P^an, upon

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primary expression. There were irregular recurrences for the

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character of the disease are the points that may be most

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Board of Trade. (Industrie Behorde). But the sale of sub-

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" phenols " formed in the bowel unite with the sulphu-

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by the universal custom of mankind ; that it is safe-

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ger, instead of safety, placed where it is in the last line

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about the hypothesis, and it seems necessary in order to explain such a

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increase of the symptoms of the disease, but it reap-

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characteristic of leprosy is a chronic congested condi-

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a history of renal colic, and had passed calculi per urethram. The swelling

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to do so) at the other, and makes as little demand upon

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in private practice, who, if averse to being examined, has little difficulty

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drawn into the interstices of the soil and provide the

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the cow's milk and buffalo milk are used by the people.

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Chilas when the epidemic was nearly over, but saw one

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may be tried. Care must be used, however, that it is not overdone, and cold

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studies in the Sanskrit College here. At the TJpadhyaya

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carditis of rheumatic origin. The coincidence of rheumatism and valvular

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goitre was exceptionally prevalent, with similar data

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served, that the pupil did not dilate, and that the intraocular tension was not

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