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active co-operation it is largely due that the wounds
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four years after. I shall always regret that I had not first put hiiu
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1. It is a disease which prevails among young chil-
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brought forward may prove of real service in our every-
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man had to tear the reptile off by pulling at it before it
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climates. As such it is a most useful addition to the library of the
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at about 11 a.m. on January 28th. It appeared at first
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diet of our infants, is so much adulterated in large
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nism ; he should have looked for it and seen it or not, but
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weak and easily gives way, only slight pressure being
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easily felt on deep inspirations at a point three inches below the left
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be considered diagnostic of enteric fever, as it was also
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case of chronic mania after a drachm dose of the tincture of cannabis
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of its subject has passed from the minds of men, he would, doubtless,
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adulterants. As to water generally there is ifrorn 14 to 16 per
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died. Again in Dagh Ismail Khel, all those first attacked
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atropine. The incision involves about one-third of the
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are very complex. The nature of the water, the nature
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with a far more decided hypnotic effect than either.
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On examining the head a large contused swelling was fou"d
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It will cause specialists no little surprise to find in the latest authority
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flats especially, were overcrowded with human beings.
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patient who has recovered his appetite, plumpness and
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London Congress in 1891, drew attention to the fact
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action of the fifth nerve. I have adopted this manoeuvre
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appeared to stop. What was the cause ? An overdose ?
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have to be traversed, will be inevitable, will do much to
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hitherto laid in the manipulation of the needles, and our want of knowledge
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The practice is common all over the country. It is said
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among natives that to cure the disease before the erup-
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Dr. Benjamin Howard {The Lancet, Nov. 17, 1888) reports, at consider-
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the best criterion. The determination of the oxygen
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