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congestive or inflammatory conditions become prolonged and intense,

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chloric acid present, but the absence of this change is a positive proof of the

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determination of the nature of the operation to be attempted, as regards

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no one should be allowed to practise as a baid or hakim

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fully by means of a sound into the depressions of the diseased surface. The

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drinking water, yet not (so far as is known) capable of

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pounds. It contains a metallic irrigator; a bottle of liquid carbolic acid and

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ference, and it must be said are generally prevented

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the greater its virulence, and the more extensive will

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Hospital. She was supposed to have a cardiac affection, but continued

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absence of rifling marks and the facet on the side — show

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that, whilst the neighbouring British Cantonment suf-

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April was, on the whole, cold and unsettled, and was

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fatigable exertions of some of the ardent workers in the

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only to condemn. Jones, although quoting Holmes, has evidently never

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mans, for real remedies." He refers to the excellent

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recognizing acetone in the urine, and describes a modification of the quanti-

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hybrid terra " ovaritis." Chapters XXVI. and XXVII. treat of neo-

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from the tradition and influence of their ancient religion.

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alleged diphtheria bacillus, calls attention to the frequent occurrence of

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The author adds the following limitations which are important :

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12. Dhup (Jerinea maerocephala) . — The roots {dhup)

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small party of Naga Hill police, who were to rush a

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adopted. There is only a passing allusion to the distressing vesical

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fingers of the right hand are a little in advance of those of the left, it

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nor the degree of mobility of the soft palate recorded ; but the coexist-

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is much less than this. It cannot therefore be denied

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{Filaria medinensis) is the outcome of considerable

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operation was performed as in the previous cases. Fi'ee hajmorr-

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only, which I considered sufficient under the circumstances.

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