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the anterior surface, it had undergone cystic degeneration, and the resulting
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waste of human life and hardships to which our troops
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include, with a few exceptions, all drunkards within the category. Dr.
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It was therefore hardly correct to say that the mortality in adults
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proceeded with ; it is unfit for use in that state.
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The arm lay against the body and was supported by the right hand of the
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of very secondary importance ; therefore, he keeps moving the negative pole
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lock-up he went off duty, ate his evening meal, and was
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tion being substituted for that of the de novo origin of the
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the disease — viz., cholagogues, laxative and febrifuge
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of the operation. The fourth fatal case was that of the
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it. Nearly thirty years ago a civil surgeon wrote :
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profitably employed for this purpose, but I think that
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effect produced on their uninjured comi-ades by the
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recognised as a disease mi generis and quite distinct
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isolation of the sick, are cardinal points. These precautions are of es-
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Marked ptosis on ri'^ht side ; can slowly raise the lid sufficiently to
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can doubt that enteric fever is far more frequent among
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the name of " Leucomaines." An interesting practical
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source ; as is exposure in dirty, dusty, open street shops,
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home. So ch'eaded is the disease, that family ties in its
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cranial hpemorrhage, probably extra-durid, over the motor area,
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bid. On this if the cost of pumping on the farms be
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latter. I commonly add some aromatic spirit of ammonia to the mixture
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ducted with every precaution against error in the results from any

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