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very common. The affection lasts two or three weeks or longer, and usuuUy

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" 15. — Every assistant surgeon was first to bestow

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of the gland germ. Intermediate stages between two separate glands

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danger of sul)sequent infection of the wound by the

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lation that, when the Compulsory Vaccination Act was

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twelve months, though one case has been known to end

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in the last stages of the disease. This report will be read with interest in

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the piece of skin and of subcutaneous tissues from the

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The causes of crime have been most carefully classi-

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remark that these small haemorrhages were the bites of the

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pean medicine, so that the art may, at all events, be

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Messrs. G-uy and Ferrier (" Forensic Medicine," 6th

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As all cases of sudden death without medical attendance become cor-

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sale of European drugs is apparently intended to check the igno-

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most characteristic features of circulatory disturbance was that

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1. As to the lung. It may have lost its elasticity in consequence of inflam-

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microscopic description of the tumor, were prepared by him.

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Thai the drugs named in the following lists to he known us

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no fresh crop after a week. In varicella there is ahvays

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temperature. Luckily he was pi'csent during the rise

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He was, however, persaailed to swallow the sweetmeat,

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t :e Act ; that the animal must be under an anaesthetic

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have risen from the ranks. If financial considerations

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Looking again at the two machines, sensory and motor, it is clear that

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the Mozufferpore District. Her appearance, when first

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leprosy do not come under observation sufficiently early.

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pain which follows the course of the nerve, often found in ovarian and peri-

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The hearing of the operated ear seemed unchanged, in the physician's

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with the success anticipated. Maki vaccination free (at

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this nature that are often present without dilatation. In fact, in my

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the middle and the lower middle classes. And I have

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hands being pale and painful, and portions of the fingers of the right hand

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