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use of the sick and wou.nded in war, there are numerous

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loosely in several places. I at once transferred the

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need hardly be said that in any individual cases the

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inflammatory lesions ; sometimes all of these together, and sometimes

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smaller short, stout bacilli. Cultures: No streptococci and no staphy-

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from each brigade, who, when approved by the medical

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petition that marks the training and education of our

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arm considerably emaciated, especially loss of muscle

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Another account of the origin of poisons is mentioned

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strong nitric acid in place of spirits of wine, and

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curable if treated properly and at once ; it is not

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to speak from the set condition of the jaws. Strong clonic

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vinces of India, which is more than 2^ times the area of

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and full-blooded men. The effects of any such anaemia would surely be

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There may be a simple redness of the affected surfaces, which passes away

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with yellowish-white spots; at the fundus the mucosa was detached from the

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liferated cells and abnormal mucus which clogs them, and the condition

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The right internal jugidar and right subclavian veins united

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milk of a well-fed Indian cow was equal to that of the best

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below tlie knee, and he removed three worms from the abscess.

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that this curdles in the stomach in very fine flakes and

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further_ than this. There i-, no fracture of the upper

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into which most sanitary measures ultimately resolve

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section of the cornea was completed. The " Holzschnitt " of von Jaeger,

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who keep buffaloes and cows. In winter, the Ooojurs

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the killing of ''animals - for food. It certainly forbids

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in this direction to bring home to the Local Govern-

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with a view to try and catch the middle meningeal artery, but

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}<engiiela, Angola and East Indies, nialaiia being

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perineal body is then repaired in the usual manner.

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careful supervision of town supplies, to minimize the

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Among the eighteen attacked and treated in hospital,

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