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intractable fistula. An incision of the superficial parts with an inspec-

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is said to have " an earthy taste." Hearing is often

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medullary centre, and the efferent response is the same.

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paste a long thin fibre of bamboo, and when thickly

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blood, the above exchange takes place ; the blood loses

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microbe, but only when the numbers increased, and not

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quite hopeless to try and get the kahars to face the

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and the same is generally true of the h3'sterical, periodical, and circular

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to prepare exhibits infused fresh impetus into the some-

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the obstruction was sufficient to impede respiration ; and in all cases it

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circumstances special to India. It would naturally be

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fines, forfeiture of the substance, deprivation of license, etc.

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cacy or ineflicacy of Mueller's method of treatment. 1

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of hallucinatory confusion, ensues immediately. In the majority of

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malady after the successive deaths of several males that

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and back. There was little or no fever, only a slight

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half the females and a third of the males suffered,

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man did not regain complete consciousness until the

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it and the second phalanx have undergone extensive atrophic changes,

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that fever prevailed to a frightful extent in Silesia

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" Suspected ships,'' etc. (having had cases, but with

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a little diflBculty it was extracted and was recognized

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tion revealed some depression and diminished expansion of the upper part of

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in women, and in five of these the condition developed post partum. One of

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and Germany. The attendants should not be allowed to remove the patient

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he is in himself, and as he becomes in contact with

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taking fish, but I have seen several cases of leprosy

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of agriculture which are sure to result in additional and

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India. It was a common practice for the Directors of

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of all of these, if they will act. Sulphonal is, unfortunately, very expen-

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tion of femur ; drainage of joint; recovery. — Gafara, aged fourteen years.

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care to the legislator according to the modern concep-

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of Hindustan. I am fully aware that there are quest-

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better arrangement of well ascertained localized facts.

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underneath, which bled freely, being very vascular.

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therefore, a certain number of deaths are unavoidable.

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parasites have been removed, and that the patient has

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