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a life of anxiety and high tension. The rapid cultural

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be simultaneously involved as — e. g., both lower extremities, or these

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erally known, these substances could never compete with

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local conditions are in no w^ay exceptionally favour-

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mind of the medical profession that residence in tropi-

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to embolism of the pulmonary artery, but could not be ascribed to the operation

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the medical officers, out of a total strength of 773 men

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may end fatally. One attack predis[»oses to another.

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When brought to the dissecting room, the body seemed to l>e

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In most ordinary cases a light diet was given, with

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soreness, 40 oedema, 33 spasms, 11 had the gait of the

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cow's milk, peptonising it whenever digestion was found

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and better performance, as witness the manner in which

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probable from such unanimity of opinion in the matter.

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1 will, however, venture to put before you the follow-

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a branch of cranial surgery, as the whole subject is a

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the vernacular, hence much time is spent in the study

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who are caught in traps and have to endure for hours

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I do not venture to indicate the respective merits of

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same paper, in which a man suffering from phthisis was also paraplegic.

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Case 4.— Admitted 12th day of illness ; seen on 13th

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week, by which time a very massive femur had been formed. There

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are got by chiselling to obtain a fresh surface of bone,

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in those forms of mental disease characterized by motor excitement is a

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as they do at a far higher temperature than happens

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follows. It has been accepted as true that an irritation is transmitted from

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profession or the other ; but it also indicates that

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there are no filarite in the blood does not show, as Man-

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sequent contraction which always sets in under these circumstances

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angles of the ribs, and constituting part of the wall of an abscess cavity lined

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the penis by pressure of the hand ; washing the penis

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are not to be found in the blood and internal organs.

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broad lines in our Indian system of administration.

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done, the opening closes up and it has to be reopened

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In the past several years H. Leloir has had {Bulletin de VAcademie de

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