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stayed, although the food-supply is the same as when

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the real cause of the disease was still obscure. He did not agree

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Simpson's proposal agreed with his, and lie hoped to see the

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as previously described at the end of the first week,

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Amongst other things 1 was soon struck by the large

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signs of pressure, no pain or discomfort, excepting that produced by the

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the difference in the spleen average of 3'3-i as com-

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the usual dressing applied. One hypodermic injection of

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cirrhosis occurs most frequently in large towns where

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treated with inhalations of creasote, in his service during the past summer at

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in any special inquiries when required by the medical officer.

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of the month the weather was very rough in the North-

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was markedly deformed, much shortened, its phalanges atrophied to an

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tion and registration of criminals. The recognition of

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1 grain per gallon. The actual causes of infectious

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typical case of kyphotic pelvis in which the pelvic inlet was oval, enlarged

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and Sheppard without even one in 2,000 cases. As far

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ive to flies, and as a matter of fact at this season of

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the enemy, and an attempted repetition of the attack.

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It is in this state sent from one place to another.

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eight hours. The hernial protrusion was tense, tender, and moderately pain-

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treatment, and in which the patient's sufferings are unbearable. If the uterus

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to the good policy and humanity of proper care of the

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The fortunate termination of previous labors by no means does away

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Cases 3 aiul 5 — Illustrate how absolutely impossible

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of tea, or small doses of quinine given at the beginning

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livid than actually red. If the disorder is to be considered a neuritis, it is

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During the progress of a quaint monologue, the lens waa

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remedies, so that a dysentery of an acute form in a

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that recovered, three having had as well a mild attack

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cachexia are specially liable to sviffer from its effects."

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in the convalescent stage a light supper may be combined with these.

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ear disease the bones are affected, the complication of pachymeningitis must be

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by coiling itself round the animal's trunk gives rise to

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