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ophthalmoscopic appearances during a period of quite

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Government resolution on Dr. Waddell's report : — ■

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consists of blowing air into the vagina with the mouth

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of two or three ounces of milk with an ounce of Mrand's essence

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medical treatment of intussusception consists essentially in the use of mechan-

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admit of a succinct epitome only. Winckel's morphia treatment has been

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rapid means of curing many cases not amenable to drainage. Bone-

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tered in the town, or three deaths for every birth nuiing that

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are collected outside the city walls. There had been *

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sympathize with the movement to some extent. I hate

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officers in a few points of anatomy and practical sur-

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completely the os uteri. The introducer is taken out

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has also been used in painful chest affections as shown in

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liver-cells might be attributed to the pressure of the

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From its first introduction to Europe in 1639 by the

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dian representative in the metropolis, W. Lawford, " thought the nuclei

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the rural population also use it largely : and even the

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followed by a gain in appetite and often by a period of sleep. The alcoholics

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amongst diseased beggars, of whom we have a very large share,

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and their friends. In none of these cases has atro-

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of the disease apparently o^ Junctional origin, and belonging to the

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3, remained stationary in 2. In 5 cases patient never suffered from pain

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Government, attended for six hours daily, either in

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necessarily occur in tiie Western Jumna Canal, for a

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eruptive disease (frambcesia) are more liable to be

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cases, and that by the administration of CaClj in 15-

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see many arguments in favour of such a radical change,

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of absence of contusion, which contusion from the old

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angle. Michaelis's method of estimating any variation in this angle,

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can be raised in India than in Europe, and sewage can

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the 4th lumbar, a little to the left of the median line.

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errors that would result from too great reliance on the latter.

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son were convincing of the impossibility of procuring

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